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Retreat Info

Updated: Nov 17, 2023


Costa Rica

January 13-20


It’s our pleasure to formally invite you to an amazing experience in the heart of Costa Rica. This is an all inclusive plant medicine retreat located near the pacific coast town of Dominical. The experience will include two Ayahuasca ceremonies as well as one Huachuma offering during our hike to the top of Diamante Falls. There will also be an option for Kambo medicine to help detoxify the mind and body and spirit before our Journey.

These medicines have been absolutely life changing in our own personal experiences and we are committed to bringing the same healing and insight to anyone looking for answers in their own lives. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, trauma, limiting beliefs, finding your purpose, or just plain curious about the nature of reality. The medicine will help to open a path inside you which will show that you have all of the answers. You are the medicine, all you have to do is show up and do the work.

We are working with facilitators that are very well respected in the community. The Shaman and his family have been established and serving the locals for over twenty years. Our retreat host lives on premises and has many years experience of hosting retreats as well as assisting in ceremonial spaces. If you’ve never experienced an Ayahuasca ceremony before, we know first hand how intimidating it can be. You can rest assured that you’ll be surrounded by good people, in the safest of places. If you’re feeling the call, please read below for an overview of your stay and itinerary. Next we’ll schedule a phone call interview to go over any questions you may have and also cover the specifics of the retreat.


Casa Nautika is a beautiful retreat center located in the Esceleras community only 15 minutes from the beach town of Dominical. It’s very unique in that it’s situated up in the jungle yet boasts an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. With a short drive into town, you’ll have access to vendor markets, gift shops, restaurants and local cafés that offer vegan, and vegetarian options.

Please follow this link if you’d like more info on the space. There’s no other retreat space like this in Costa Rica and we’re sure you’ll feel right at home. There is a communal kitchen for all to share, although we will have our own private chef for the retreat that will be adhering to the specific dietary requirements of the Ayahuasca diet.


There will be an option for Kambo on Sunday morning. Kambo is an excellent detox before ceremony and highly recommended for general immunity and other health benefits. If you’re not familiar with Kambo, please follow this link for more info.

The Cave

The views atop the Diamanté Falls are incredible. As a part of our experience, we’ll have private access to a cave at the top that sits directly behind the waterfall. The only way to access the cave is by foot, along a path up the side of the mountain. There is a garden near the top with magnificent scenery, beautiful plants and plenty of lookouts over the valley.

Once we reach the falls, we will cross over to a staircase that leads into the cave behind the falls. The cave has been primitively furnished with platforms for beds, a kitchen, bathrooms, tables and running water. Each piece of material that was used to build the furnishings was carried up the mountain by foot.

Fortunately for us, our food and supplies will be delivered up to the top for us so all you will need is a day pack with personal items. We’ll spend the day exploring the many other falls and natural pools we can swim in. Then we’ll cap the night off by watching the Sunset overlook at the top of the falls.

It’s an overall experience you can’t quite put into words. If you’re interested in the retreat, please reach out to us by email or DM and we’ll schedule a call to go over specifics about the trip and answer any questions you may have. Pura Vida! The following is an itinerary for the week of January 13th-20th


DAY 1 - ARRIVAL (1/13) Sat

  • Arrival- San Jose International airport.

  • Aim for 1pm arrival.

  • Meetup at Malinche’s

  • 2pm- Shuttle pickup at airport

  • 2:30pm- Shuttle pick up at hotel (Early arrivals)

  • 7pm- Dinner

DAY 2 - ORIENTATION (1/14) Sun

  • 7am- Yoga

  • 8am- Breakfast

  • 9am- Optional Kambo Ceremony

  • 11am- Lunch

  • 1pm- Introductions

  • 4pm- Late arrivals

  • 6pm- Dinner

DAY 3 - CEREMONY (1/15) Mon

  • 7am- Yoga

  • 8am- Breakfast

  • Noon- Lunch

  • 2pm- Rest/Relax

  • 3pm- Depart for the Temple

  • 8pm- Ceremony

DAY 4- CEREMONY (1/16) Tues

  • 7am- Integration circle

  • 9am- Breakfast

  • Noon- Temezcal by the River

  • 6pm- Rest/Journal

  • 9pm- Ceremony

DAY 5- Return to Nautika (1/17) Wed

  • 7am- Integration Circle

  • 8am- Breakfast

  • 10am- Depart for Dominical/Casa Nautika

  • Noon- Lunch/ Dominical Market

  • 2pm- Journal/Rest

  • 7pm- Dinner

DAY 6- Diamonte Falls (1/18) Thur

  • 7am- Breakfast

  • 9am- Depart for Cave/Falls

  • 11am- Wachuma offering

  • 1pm- Lunch

  • 2pm- Swim/Explore Falls

  • 5pm- Dinner

  • 7pm- Sunset at the Overlook

DAY 7- Return to Casa Nautika (1/19) Fri

  • 10am- Hike Down To Basecamp

  • Noon- Dominical for Lunch

  • 3pm- Relax

  • 7pm- Dinner

  • 8pm- Camillo Sound journey

DAY 8- Depart San for Jose (1/20) Sat

  • 7am- Breakfast

  • 8am- Pack

  • 10am- Shuttle to San Jose

  • 2pm- Overnight Hotel or Flights home

The total for the entire experience is $2800 per person. This includes all lodging, meals, temezcal, medicine ceremonies, SJO hotel stay, cave rental and waterfall experience, as well as transportation within Costa Rica.

*Also included is one overnight hotel stay in San Jose for either the night prior to our retreat (if arriving on the 12th) or on the night of our departure (the 20th) for next day flights. We will organize the hotel based on whatever works best for your flight schedule. Those who can not make the 2pm shuttle will be responsible for their own transportation to Dominical. We can help to arrange if needed. You will be responsible for your flight to and from SJO airport as well as any other outside activities or shopping. Those that are extending their trips are responsible for their own transportation & hotels beyond our departure to SJO.

An $800 deposit is required to reserve your spot, and the balance will be due one month out from the retreat.

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